Black Rock: Unhopped Amber - 1.7kg of Concentrated Wort
Black Rock Brewing

Black Rock: Unhopped Amber - 1.7kg of Concentrated Wort

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Black Rock Unhopped Amber malt extract adds a rich caramel flavour and smooth residual malt sweetness to any beer. Lager malt is mixed with a crystal and a touch of black malt.

Use Black Rock Amber to produce all kinds of beers from dark lagers, bocks and Scotch ales to Stouts, Porters and Brown ales.


  1. Thoroughly clean and sanitize all equipment.
  2. Stand this can in hot water for 10 minutes to soften contents.
  3. Dissolve contents of the can with water and use it with a 1.7kg can of Black Rock hopped concentrated wart. One can of unhopped concentrated wart is intended to be used instead of liquid brewing sugar or sugar for a 23litre brew.
*Please Note: Because these products are imported from New Zealand, it can take 6-12 weeks to ship in North America. We appreciate your patience. We assure you it is worth the wait!

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