My Knotty Pine Glamper

The Two Cowboys are Living Simpler, Better, and More Affordable. 

Like many people, we were tired of excessive housing costs and the perpetual mortgage trap. Come to the end of the month, and one feels like you've only worked for the bank and the taxman. Not much else is left of your paycheck for living.

We've looked for a long time to find the ideal match between innovative construction quality and mobility, that will give us a living and workspace that lasts for years without putting a chain around our neck. We want the option to relocate it at a moment's notice.

The good news is that there are now attractive methods to live and work comfortably and affordable wherever we want to be. We've found a way to do it by living smaller and simpler.

What is still needed still is solid constructionreal mobility, weather ability and affordability.

Tiny houses are not a new phenomenon, and most people are familiar with RV living. Tiny houses are not really mobile and RV's will not last the 25 years for which you can finance it. 

What if you can combine the built quality of a solid wood tiny house or cabin with the multi-purpose space functionality of an RV?

The Glamper

We think our partner Knotty Pine Cabins have done it. Knotty Pine Cabins has an excellent reputation for natural wood, insulated, kit built cabins, of all sizes. You can find their popular cabins and houses all over Canada and the USA.

Now, with the Two Cowboys, they are collaborating to take the show on the road with a multi-purpose mobile cabin - The Knotty Pine Glamper.

It is a simple multi-purpose cabin on wheels. Taking your Glamper with you as easily as towing a travel trailer. You can customize it to suit your needs. There is no need to put the Glamper in storage when winter arrives. The Knotty Pine Glamper is insulated for Yukon Winters and Arizona Summers. You can use it when it is -40C or +40C outside.

Waiting List and Price

See the details below of the available models. Pricing starts around $30,900 for the smaller Glamper. A 25% deposit is payable on order. We can help with finance and options to lease a Glamper.

To give everyone a fair chance for a Glamper we've created a waiting list. You can register your interest in a Glamper for free and with no obligation. We will be in touch when you are selected to own/lease one.

We are making our Glampers as fast as we can. The current lead time for a unit is between 90 and 120 days once we receive a confirmed order.

Don't hesitate to hit the Free-Call button on this page or message us for more information. We would love to answer your questions. (Email:

Debut Models Below