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This year, thousands of people could find and see your business online!

What they will see is determined by people like us. We are your customers. 

We are also a Media Brand with a large audience and following. We tell the world about our experiences with your business, services and products.

Making You Famous

The best way for you to gain customers and grow your business is to have people like us, talk positively about you and your business, products or services. 

Sometimes, organizations find it hard to promote themselves. Most business owners are modest and finding the right online marketing strategy is expensive and confusing. Online marketing requires well produced and engaging content. This is hard to do, consistently, and expensive to commission.

Unfortunately, business does not happen automatically? Traditional ways of marketing no longer work. Online marketing is complex and fast-changing. This is where we come in.

"When we talk about you, you will get more business. Guaranteed!"

We Talk About You.

Our mission is to make your marketing and promotion a little easier. Through our brand and content that we produce, we tell people about businesses, products or event.

We focus on travel, tourism, innovative products, manufacturers and producers.

We've already successfully featured and promoted over five-hundred businesses, events and organizations like yours in the last couple of years. We've done it in Canada, South Africa, U.S.A., New Zealand and elsewhere.

Our job is to create interest in who you are and what you do. By doing that we connect you with new customers and reconnect you with existing ones. Our content makes you stand out and people will find you easier online to do business with you because they will know a little more about what you offer.

To grow your business you need to get the word out, tell your story, connect with more customers and promote yourself. You need good content produced by professionals like us to make you stand out.


Is your business, service, and products worth our time? Are you interesting? Do you have a unique story? Do you want it to be discoverable by, and visible online to more prospective customers?

The secret is: Everyone is unique and has something special to tell. It is our job to find yours and showcase it to the world and to prospective customers. Please allow us to make you (more) famous! 

"Make You Famous" Campaign

We can feature you for FREE if you help us cover the expense of a "Make You Famous" Campaign.

Here is what it entails:

  • Producing Your Stories for FREE: We will produce online content about you, your business, event or product. We will do it through professional Video, Photos, Blogging, and Social Media posts. If you wanted to hire us for this it would have costed you thousands. Most businesses cannot afford it. In this case, we offer to do it for free!
  • The "Make You Famous" Campaign: We will publish and feature your stories through our premium channels and www.travelingcowboys.comWe will make sure that thousands of prospective customers can find your story and see it online. The more funds you contribute to the campaign, the larger the audience, and the bigger the reach. You can choose what works for your budget by selecting a package below or making us an offer.
  • Promoting Yourself: You can also use our content for FREE on your own website, and share it through your social media.

Next Steps:

Get in Touch: If you are open to our proposal, all you have to do is click this link and talk to us for free. Alternatively, email us or message us on Facebook. If you are ready to proceed, select one of the packages below.

    We like to work with people that we consider "our people". These are businesses that resonate with our values and our brand. We have limited capacity so we hand-pick the business with who we work. We hope you can be one of them once we get to know each other better.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you and will personally answer your email at or call at +1 403 605 8343.

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    Two Cowboys

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