Become a Patron - Your Success Becomes Our Business
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Become a Patron - Your Success Becomes Our Business

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...and your brand is added to our Van.

Patrons of the Two Cowboys are innovative go-getter businesses that want to outperform their competition. They are not afraid to win over new business and grow their success. If only their prospective customers knew more about them!

Are we talking about your business?

Every year the Two Cowboys associate ourselves with some of Canada and the world’s best lifestyle and progressive brands. The Two Cowboys audience include people that are most likely their (potential) customers. These are business that cares about local communities, their people, their customers and other small producers we regularly feature.

We call these businesses our Patrons.

They are responsible for funding our work and we dedicate our creative content ability to promoting their brand and products. Our other work (promoting the smaller businesses) would not be impossible without this. Many people, places and businesses we feature would not otherwise be able to afford our exposure. In return, we help our Patrons to build their businesses and grow their client bases.

Our Patrons Get a Lot

  • Your Own Branded Content: We produce content for our patrons under their own brand on a regular basis as their videography and online marketing content supplier. The content is promotional or can be instructional. The focus is to help our Patron market their products and services to prospective customers and to continue to engage these customers and their staff on a regular basis through advice and instruction.
  • Your Logo On Our Van: The Two Cowboys production van is key to our brand. It is well recognized where we travel and seen all over the communities where we travel and film. It is also regularly featured in our videos and photo content. Tens of thousands of people see it. Our top patrons have their logo on our van for as long as they remain engaged so that they are visible in the places we visit.
  • Your Logo in Closing Video Credits: We include the branding and logo of our main patrons in the closing credits of the videos we produce with a thank you message. We also include links to their website, products and services in the supporting video text on YouTube and Vimeo. This catapults their online search availability and search results.
  • Our Marketing and Business Consulting Expertise: We’ve worked for over 25 years with businesses all over the world to help them grow and succeed. Our industry experience spans services, retailing, manufacturing, telecommunications, tourism and many more. We will put all our management and marketing consulting expertise and our years of experience at your disposal. In addition, we can document your journey to success along the way.

Our Patrons gain extensive visibility in the locations we feature through our presence (our Production van) and the reach of the content we produce. They are recognized by prospective and existing customers and continue to be associated with the positive messaging of the Two Cowboys.

They also get a world-class marketing resource and an extensive library of online content that catapults their marketing, promotion and customer engagement under their own brand. We provide as much marketing and business consulting support and mentoring as they can handle.

We have a limited number of Patrons each year because we dedicate a huge amount of our resources to our Patrons in support of their success. We are selective when choosing our Patrons and reserve the right to refuse or terminate relationships that don’t work.

Are you interested in becoming a Patron of the Two Cowboys for 2019?

If we select you, then your success will be our priority for 12 months or as long as you wish to work with the Two Cowboys.

Please get in touch for a personal conversation with Hendrik at +1 403 6058343 to learn more.  We’ll show you the kind of results we’ve been able to get for our Patrons.

This opportunity only comes around once a year and we have only a few premium spots available.

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