Your Product or Service Featured and Reviewed by the Two Cowboys
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Your Product or Service Featured and Reviewed by the Two Cowboys

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The Two Cowboys has a large online following that can benefit from knowing about your product or services. If you are a producer, farm, retailer, restaurant, coffee shop, brewer or service business, we would love to tell people more about your products and our experience with using your services.

We do it in two ways:

  • A Short Review Video: We do a 1 - 3-minute video overview that introduces your product or service and our experience using it. You can embed this on your website, use it on your online store and upload it to social media. See examples here.
  • Online Review: Posts on our Blog and Social Media about our experience with your product or service.

This may be the first step for us to help you on a continuing basis to market and promote your organization. When we feature a business' products it is often a pivotal moment that catapults a business's marketing forward. It is also an ideal tool for new businesses to get known.

We travel all over the world for our customers, so don't hesitate to be in touch even if you are in Argentina, Austria or Australia.

Needless to say, we need one of your products or an invite to experience your service to do this job for you.

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