Let's Make You Famous - Again, Again and Again!
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Let's Make You Famous - Again, Again and Again!

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You've been featured by the Two Cowboys. You are a business supporter.


However, you are not getting all the views you should be getting on your marketing and promotional content, are you?

Online Marketing Used to be Easy

You could stand on the street corner with a placard advertising your business. It is unlikely to be very effective; else all the corners will have people with banners promoting what they have on offer.

You can also hope your customers tell others how glad they are dealing with you and how happy they are using your products and services. It is called referral-marketing. 

Social media made it very easy for businesses to do referral marketing. All you had to do is get someone to like and share your Facebook and Instagram posts. The good Interwebs will then show it to their friends, which will do the same, and voila! You're in business!

Not anymore!

Here's a dirty little secret about the online content marketing world. It all changed in 2018. Three massive online companies control access to what your customers can find about you, and what they see.

It is not much different from the way it used to work. There simply is no more free lunch for businesses to do online marketing. In the offline world, you had to buy access to get your message delivered through television, radio and newspapers. It was the only way to communicate with prospective customers unless you contacted directly. Massive Media companies flourished with business advertising revenues in the Billions. Today, they are all dying a slow death! Why?

The game is still the same. The channels have changed. You still have to pay to get your messages delivered. Yes, even on social media. Not even your most loyal customers see your content when you don't add a few cents in the purses of Google, Facebook, WeChat and others. That is why you don't get any views!

Luckily, People are Still the Same

No matter which channel you use to get your marketing messages delivered, you have to get two things right. Getting access to your customers and getting their attention.

  • Getting Access: How deep are your pockets? The more you spend, the more likely your customers and prospects will be to see your message. Unless you own the channel, you have to spend to get access. Even Amazon spends hundreds of millions to advertise on Google! Go, figure! Target your spend. Get in the game.
  • Getting Attention: Before, people had access to a few TV channels, a couple of newspapers and a handful of radio stations. Getting their attention was relatively easy. Simply showing up with advertising, some good creative, a catchy jingle or a funny commercial used to be enough. Now, you have milliseconds in an unmeasurable sea of content to get their attention. You are frankly just irritating them with your selfie or photos of your products. You may feel you are doing some marketing. However, there's no chance they'll remember it. You need more engaging content. 

The Two Cowboys is in the content business to get your customers to notice you, your business, products and services. People like watching what we produce. We know. They are telling us. They enjoy watching us tell them about you!

    Congratulations on Your Content, Now What?

    Getting back to getting more views. 

    You will get more views with more good Two Cowboys content. People want to see new things. We cannot encourage you enough to allow us to continue to produce content about your business, products, and services. The more content about you out there, the more likely people will find it. The better the content about you, the more likely people will notice, watch and remember it. They need to know about your promotions, how to use your products, why others are using it, etc. etc. The more information they have and can access, the more likely they are to remember and to buy!

    Let's Push your content again so that it stands out. If you have good content from the Two Cowboys, you have to get people to watch it. You have to Adwords it, Boost it, and push it as hard as you can through Facebook, Google and other online advertising channels. This is complex, fraught with intricacies and challenging for most businesses to do. That is why we offer to do it for you, again.  

    Let's Make You Famous, Again

    We can push your content again through our channels so that it stands out online and you get your views. You can do it too. We may be better at it. Trust the Professionals - the Two Cowboys. 

    We have a large online following that can benefit from knowing more about your business. 

    Let's do another "Making You Famous" Campaign

    We will push your content we already produced, again, through our premium content channels www.twocowboys.tv and www.travelingcowboys.com

    We will make sure that thousands of prospective customers can find your story and see it online. The fee will be applied towards making your business, product, service and story, famous!

      Choose the budget and we will be in touch to tell you more about how we will push yours and how we will make sure the right people see it.

      Maybe it is not all about views, eh?

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