Your Success Becomes Our Business


Partners of the Two Cowboys are innovative go-getter businesses focussed on outperforming the competition. They are not afraid to win over new business. 

They use all the marketing and promotional firepower they can get to grow their success. Their goal is that more prospective customers know about them, their products and services. The mission of the Two Cowboys is to help our Sponsors achieve this objective on an ongoing basis.

Are we talking about your business?

The Two Cowboys associate themselves with some of Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the World's best lifestyle and progressive brands. We make them part of our content and our journey. We promote them every way we can.

Our Partners are our friends.

Because our Partners are funding our journey and our work, we dedicate a considerable part of our creative content ability to promoting their brand and products.

Our mission - promoting smaller businesses, entrepreneurs and their travel destinations - would not be impossible without this support.

Many people, places, and businesses we feature would not otherwise be able to afford our exposure. In return, we help our Partners to build their businesses and grow their client base with the help of our content, and by providing access to our audience. 

Our Partners care about their communities, their staff, their customers, their products and want to see other small producers, that we regularly feature, also succeed.

Third Party Produced Online Content, Blogging, Photos and Especially Video, Is Marketing Gold

In a world where online content is king and attention spans are short, we offer our Sponsors a means of ongoing visibility and promotional success.

Here are some numbers

  • 1/3 of the time people spend online, they are watching videos.
  • 80% of all online traffic will come from videos in 2019.
  • 90% of customers say video help them make buying decisions.
  • 64% buy after they've seen a video about a product.
  • 1 min video = 1.8 Million words.

"Some promotional online content and video is better than none. Bad content is worse!" (Two Cowboys)

The Two Traveling Cowboys

By the end of 2018, the Two Cowboys have published more than 408 Two Cowboys branded videos and 256 blog posts online, with programs from all over the world.

We are unique in that our online channel features and focusses on small and local experiences. Our content does not "wow" millions of people. Instead, our promotional value is immeasurably important to the small entrepreneurs that are working hard every day for a living, in support of their families and communities.

  • YouTube watched more than 178,000 hours of Two Cowboys content more than 500,000 times.
  • We have a growing YouTube audience that is watching our content more than 100,000/week!
  • 14,000 Facebook followers viewed more than 10,000 hours of content in 2018. We reach more than 50,000 people every week on Facebook.
  • Our Blog is read more than 10,000 times every month.
  • In 2018 the Two Cowboys produced more than 380 videos for our Sponsors to promote their products and brands.


Partnering with the Two Cowboys is an ongoing monthly commitment. In return we can do:

  • Regular Features About Your Business and Products/Services: We feature our Partner's products in our content as we review it, learn about it, use it, and tell people about it. We show the world who our Partners are, what their business is about, and share their passion and drive with prospective customers.
  • Partner's Logo On Our Vans: The Two Cowboys production van is key to our branding. It is well recognized where we travel and seen all over the communities where we travel. It is also regularly featured in our videos and photo content. Tens of thousands of people see it. Our top Partners have their logos on our van for as long as they remain engaged. Their support is visible in the places we visit.
  • Your Logo in the Closing Video Credits: We include the logos of our feature Partners in the closing credits of the videos we produce. We also include links to their websites, products and services in the supporting video text on YouTube and Vimeo. This catapults their online search availability and search results 0n Google.
  • 10-Second Pre and Post-roll Advertising: We include short pre and post-roll advertising about our Partners in our features.
  • Our Marketing and Business Consulting Expertise: We’ve worked for over 25 years with businesses all over the world. We helped them grow and succeed. Our industry experience spans services, retailing, manufacturing, telecommunications, tourism and many more. We have global experience from regular engagements in the Americas, Australasia and Southern Africa. We put all our management and marketing consulting expertise and our years of experience at our Sponsors' disposal. 


Our Partners gain extensive visibility in the locations we feature through our presence (our Production vans) and the reach of our content. They are recognized by prospective and existing customers and continue to be associated with the positive messaging of the Two Cowboys. 

Marketing and Promotions

They also get a world-class marketing resource and an extensive library of online content to catapult their marketing, promotion and customer engagement under their own brand. We provide as much marketing and business consulting support and mentoring as they can handle.


We have a limited number of Partners each year because we dedicate a huge amount of our resources to our Partners in support of their success. We are selective when choosing our Partners and reserve the right to refuse or terminate relationships that don’t work.

Are you interested in becoming a Partner of the Two Cowboys for 2019? If we select you, then your success will be our priority for 12 months or as long as you wish to work with the Two Cowboys.

Please get in touch for a personal conversation with Hendrik at +1 403 6058343 to learn more.  We’ll show you the kind of results we’ve been able to get for our Partners.

This opportunity only comes around by invitation and are limited.