Two Cowboys Product or Service Sponsor
Two Cowboys

Two Cowboys Product or Service Sponsor

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We have exclusive opportunities for businesses to become product or service Sponsors of the Two Cowboys. We will use your products/service and produce content about it to make you famous.

This is a monthly commitment for a minimum 12-month term.

Regular sponsorship privileges will include:

  • 1 X Two Cowboys branded Profile about your business and your products/service with two short promotional features for social media. This can be updated every 6 or 12 months, or when required.
  • 1 X Two Cowboys feature A MONTH about your business and products/services for the duration of the sponsorship.
  • Your logo in the closing video credits of all Two Cowboys content produced during the sponsorship.
  • Product placements where it makes sense for all online content and social media.
  • Two Cowboys marketing and business consulting expertise.

The Cowboys will use your products and tell the world about it so it requires you to provide the products/service as part of the sponsorship.

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