Two Cowboys Title Sponsor
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Two Cowboys Title Sponsor

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We have one exclusive opportunity for a business to become a Title Sponsor for the markets in which we operate.

This is a monthly commitment for a minimum 12-month term.

We will brand the Two Cowboys content for that market with the title of the business. For example, the "Brand" Two Cowboys and the "Brand" Traveling Cowboys.

In addition, all the regular sponsorship privileges will be included and more:

  • 2 X Mini Documentary Profiles about your business and your products/service with two short promotional features for social media. These are updated for you every 6 or 12 months.
  • 4 X Two Cowboys Features A MONTH about your business and products/services for the duration of the sponsorship.
  • Your logo on our vans.
  • Your logo in the closing video credits of all Two Cowboys content produced during the sponsorship.
  • 10-Second Pre and Post-roll Advertisement included in all our features produced during the sponsorship.
  • Product placements where it makes sense for all online content and social media.
  • The Two Cowboys will consider Sponsor Directed Features where we produce content about topics, businesses, destinations or events at the request of our Sponsor.
  • Two Cowboys marketing and business consulting expertise.

Only one of these packages available in each of our operating regions (North America, Australasia, Europe and Africa).

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