Two Cowboys - My Fresh Beer Keg Club

We are taking back our beer by making our own. You can too!

If you know anything about beer, you know that the best beer is fresh beer. It doesn't matter what style of beer you like or where in the world you're drinking. It has to be nice, cold and fresh.

Our goal is to help beer lovers brew and enjoy a fresher beer. We are well down the path of beer liberation by enabling our friends to make and drink their very own freshly crafted beer and ciders.

It means that we are no-longer donating up to 51% in taxes and excise to non-value adding parties like the local, provincial and federal government, and a further 25% in transport, packaging, branding, distribution and retailing. We've taken back our beer. We've taken control of our beverage and it saves us a huge sum of money.

We are not "Weird Scientist" or Homebrewers. Neither, are you!

We are Cowboys - normal people.

We've discovered that to make our own beer is as simple as making a cup of tea. Not only is it a ridiculously simple, consistent and an almost fault-proof, it also guarantees that our beer tastes better than we buy in stores. We use some of the best ingredients in the world. It is fresh and we made it!

Below you will get the basic startup equipment needed and bundles of ingredients to make your own beer. We have many instruction videos already available on this site. However, you can expect to get the Cowboy version as we travel the world while brewing our own beer.

Here are the basic steps:

What You Need

  1. Get Your Gear Two Cowboys Brew Gear Bundle: All you need to get started. You will also need a SodaStream CO2 bottle you can get at your local supermarket. If you don't want to invest in a Brew Gear Bundle, then work with one of our participating U-Brew outlets to help you brew your beer.
  2. Get Your Dispensing Gear Bundle: This is a simple kegging solution that fits in your fridge at home and pours you a commercial quality beer. You can rent this from our participating U-Brew outlets if you don't want the cash outlay.
  3. Choose Your Black Rock Brew Kit: This is some of the worlds best brewing ingredients that come in Hopped Concentrated Wort with Yeast and Unhopped Concentrated Wort. You can get it on this site or pick up your favourites at your local U-Brew or Brewing Ingredients store. You can develop your own style and flavours by combining kits or adding additional hops or grains.

How to Do It

  1. Clean Your Gear: Clean and sanitize everything.
  2. Mix and Yeast: Mix Your Ingredients & Pitch Your Yeast in the two kegs. Add one can of Black Rock Hopped Concentrate and a sachet of yeast per keg. Add one more can of Black Rock Unhopped Concentrate for some extra volts. Sprinkle the yeast on top with a liquid temperature of between 18C and 23C (64F - 73F).
  3. Ferment and Carbonate: For around 5-7 Days, Ferment at 20C - 23C (64F - 73F). Find a spot in the house where the temperature is consistent. After Day 3 Set Pressure Valve to release pressure at around 15-20 Psi.
  4. Cold Crash and Clarify: Put in Fridge for 3 Days to Settle and Mature
  5. Pressurize: Connect Tap and Regulator with CO2 from SodaStream.
  6. Pour and Drink: Drink your beer as soon as you can from the Brew Keg or transfer it to your dispensing kegs so that you can start another brew as soon as possible.
  7. Repeat: Order another brew kit to do it all over again as soon as your beer kegs are empty.

If you get really sophisticated you can do more. Join our FREE Udemy Course to become an expert.

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*Unfortunately only in Canada, and the USA at this point in time.