Two Cowboys - Facilitated New Zealand Beer and Culinary Experience
Two Cowboys

Two Cowboys - Facilitated New Zealand Beer and Culinary Experience

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Come with the Two Traveling Cowboys and experience the best culinary experiences the New Zealand summer has to offer. This includes a behind-the-scenes look at one of the country's oldest Breweries in Dunedin!

We will be exploring culinary delights, culture, people and beer that make this one of the most unforgettable destinations and experiences you will have, ever!

This is a "facilitated" travel experience. Something new and unique from the Traveling Cowboys. It puts you in charge of your travel.

Facilitated Travel Experience

Life can be unpredictable. Sometimes a little unpredictability is just what you need for the experience of your life. Other people like to have it all worked out before it happens. The choice is now yours.

With a facilitated travel experience, you take charge of your own travel arrangements and choose your budget - no nasty travel agent markups and surprises. You shop and get the best deal you can get as we help you plan your trip.

We help and support you with all the knowledge we have about the destinations. We put you in touch with accommodation providers, transportation, RV rentals, excursion operators, dining establishments, festival hosts, camping spots and more. You choose what you prefer to do, where you want to go, and what works for your particular travel style.

What we will do for you:

  • Support You With Your Itinerary: We will support you through your travel arrangements with advice. We have local knowledge and will put you in touch with local operators. Our content will already tell you what to expect. We go the extra mile because now you can ask us questions as we will help you put together your itinerary.
  • Share Our Itinerary: We will share our itinerary so that you can match it if you choose to do it.
  • Join the Cowboys Experience: You will be invited to share in the Two Cowboys experiences as we host you for unique excursions specific to a destination. These may include culinary experiences, wildlife experiences, local introductions, festivals etc. depending on the destination and time of year.

The idea is that we in the same place at the same time, and you get to hang out with the Two Cowboys. Yet, you have the freedom to do your own thing if you choose to do it.

The New Zealand Beer and Culinary Experience

Culinary innovation and cultural diversity have helped earn New Zealand's reputation as an exciting fine food destination for discerning foodies.

While quality food and beverage production have long been the lynchpin of New Zealand’s prosperity and a leading export earner, it’s the fusion of unique, quality produce and ethnic influences that have allowed the Kiwi food identity to evolve.

New Zealand's worldwide reputation for award-winning produce and specialist chefs, draw tourists to the source and food tourism within New Zealand is developing at a rapid rate.

The trip can be tailor-made to take in the best of what New Zealand has to offer. We will start with a dash to the southern point of the South Island to visit Dunedin's Craft Beer scene. The route will take in some of the amazing attractions and scenery of Otago and the Canterburies before returning to Auckland and the Central North Island for Lamb, Wine, and more.

The Two Cowboys component of the trip include "roadtripping" and stopping at Otago's famous Speights Tap Rooms, a tour of the Speights Brewery, OCHO Chocolate factory, Grilling on the Beach, Kako Chocolate, Weta Coffee, Calverts Butchery and many more.

The trip is road based. You have the option to rent your own transport and stay in your accommodation of choice or to rough it with the Cowboys in more flexible exploration method. For this trip, we will be RVing and Camping to have more budget for food and beer.

We will be on the road for four weeks. You can join us anytime on our itinerary.

Our Itinerary

This is our itinerary and the budget for our trip. Your's can be similar. We are here to help you customize yours.

  • Destination: New Zealand South Island and North Island
  • Dates: Enquire for Dates (Usually in November and March)
  • Schedule:
    • Week 1 and 2: South Island
    • Week 2 and 3: North Island
  • Duration: About 4 Weeks.
  • Our Proposed Budget: 225/day/person sharing for a total of around $5,000 - $6,000/Person.
    • Flights: Flying to New Zealand from Canada with Air New Zealand (Budget Around $2,000). 
    • Accommodation: Traveling with a Camper and Boondocking/Freedom Camping or Booking into Holiday Parks (Budget Around $50/day)
    • Transport: Camper Hire (Budget Around $50/day).
    • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner, Coffee and Alcohol (Budget Around $1,000/person). 
    • Excursions: Over and Above. Lots to do without it costing any additional fees.
  • Objectives: Wine, Beer, Fresh Produce, Culinary Experience, Camping and Photography. 
  • *Please Note: The above does not include the Two Cowboys Facilitated Experience Fee.

Join the Cowboys

  • Itinerary Planning: We help you plan your trip and make suggestions for accommodation, transport, meals and excursions (Value up to $550).
  • Hosted Experiences: We host you for up to 10 shared experiences (meals, culinary, wildlife, cultural, etc.). You get to hang out with the Cowboys for as much as you want during this time. We entertain you! (Value up to $1,000)
  • Exclusive Access: You get exclusive access to the Cowboys as your guides for 3 full days of your choice during the trip. We do what you want to do and hang out only with you. No other guests. (Value up to $300)
  • Video and Photo Highlights: We produce one of our famous travel documentaries and take photos of the trip. You get to share it with everyone interested. (Value is Exceptional!)

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