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We are Two Traveling Cowboys that produce entertaining travel-related online promotional content. We are on the road and heading in your direction. While we travel, we partner with and promote local, travel, food, beverage and producer-related businesses. We feature people, small businesses, unique products, amazing destinations, worthwhile causes, and exciting events along the way.

We "slow travel" to seek out and share "local knowledge" of where to eat, where to drink, who to meet, where to stay, and what to do to avoid the typical tourist traps. Through our content, we show you the real people and experiences you can expect to encounter on the road.

Third Party Produced Online Content, Blogging, Photos and Especially Video Is Marketing Gold

In a world where online content is king, and attention spans are short, we offer our collaborators and sponsors a means to showcase their products, services, businesses, destinations and events. We travel through Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, USA, Mexico and the world and tell stories along the way.

Our goal is to provide professionally produced visibility and online promotional success for the people and businesses we encounter. What we do would be hard to come by in any other way at a competitive price point. We are unique in our approach.

Here are some numbers:

  • 1/3 of the time people spend online, they are watching videos.
  • 80% of all online traffic will come from videos in 2019.
  • 90% of customers say video help them make buying decisions.
  • 64% buy after they've seen a video about a product.
  • 1 min video = 1.8 Million words.
"Some promotional content and video is better than none. Bad content is worse!" (Two Cowboys)

The Two Traveling Cowboys

By the end of 2018, the Two Cowboys have published more than 408 Two Cowboys branded videos and 256 blog posts online with programs from all over the world. 

We are unique in that our online channel features and focusses on small and local experiences. Our content does not "wow" millions of people. Instead, our promotional value is immeasurably important to the small entrepreneurs that are working hard every day for a living, in support of their families and communities.

  • YouTube watched more than 178,000 hours of Two Cowboys content more than 500,000 times.
  • We have a growing YouTube audience that is watching our content more than 100,000/week!
  • 13,000 Facebook followers viewed more than 10,000 hours of content in 2018. We reach more than 50,000 people every week on Facebook.
  • Our Blog is read more than 10,000 times every month.


Please join us on this incredible journey.

We are heading in your direction. Allow us to feature you, your products/services, business or event. Choose from the options below and we will showcase who you are, your products, what you have to offer, and our Two Cowboys experience with you.


If you help us as a Sponsor to feature more destinations and small businesses, you can benefit from increased visibility and promotional access to the ever-growing Two Cowboys online audience.

Consider These Options: