Your Invitation - Traveling Cowboys Wing Night Challenge

Hello! Glad you can make it. 

You came to this page because you clicked on an invitation from the Two Cowboys.

"TWO COWBOYS - WING NIGHT CHALLENGE" in Canada, USA and the Rest of the World...

The Two Cowboys are doing a series of special promotional program features about "Wing Nights Challenges".

You are invited to participate in your destination’s Wing Night Challenge. Let's see how good are your wings!

According to the Urban Dictionary:

"Wing Night is a ceremonial and sacred evening during which many chicken wings will be eaten by a gathering of gluttonous friends. Each step of the preparation and consumption of the wings is carefully orchestrated and held holy. Deviation from tradition (i.e. inviting your girlfriend, not eating til breathing is difficult, leaving early, not toasting the first wing, not getting everyone a beer when yours is finished or you get up, bringing non-wing food to the gathering, de-winging during the meal) is strictly and violently forbidden. The only consumables other than chicken wings welcome at wing night are blue cheese dressing, celery stalks, and beer - lots and lots of beer."

"We tell the world about your wings so that you can sell more beer and wings. Guaranteed!"

"Should we feature your Wings?" 

Only you can answer this question. Are your wings feature-able and worth our time?

What You Get

When you participate, you will be included in our feature on Wing Nights Challenge in Canada, for your town and destination. This is what it includes:

  • Video Feature: We will produce one of our award-winning pieces that will showcase you and your business' wings alongside other wing-serving establishments in your town or area.
  • Blog and Photos: We will do a write-up on the state of Wing Night in your area and include details of your business and our experience at your establishment.
  • Social Media Promotion: All the people and businesses we feature will get a special mention on our social media posts. We will do it during the project when we provide updates on our activities with photos, on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Schedule: We won't surprise you when you are not ready. We will schedule a time convenient for you to come for a visit and film your businesses and your wings!

Next Steps:

  • Step 1 - Confirm Interest: All you have to do is let us know you are interested, as soon as you can. You can make your reservation here and we will contact you to confirm the date and time of our visit. The early bird registration fee is not more than a couple of plates of wings, and a few beers to kill the heat - $485 (else it is $650).
  • Step 2 - Be Ready: Have your best chicken wings and coldest beer ready for when we visit. Filming will also include a short interview with you and your wing chef.

Reserve Your Spot Now!

    Why The Two Cowboys

    We are the Two Cowboys. We travel and explore to publish our experiences on our media channels. We seek out and feature great destinations, events and people that have successful businesses that make things.

    We share our experiences with an ever-growing 13,000+ Facebook and Youtube audience. People view our video content alone more than 180,000 times every month from all over the world and on various platforms!

    Learn more about us here:

    Feel free to be in touch with questions and for the dates available for filming you and your business. 

     Call Me

    We look forward to showcasing your wings to the world.

    P.S. We provided you with a deadline to reply. Please don't miss it and lose out on this fantastic opportunity! You don't want to be "winged out" by the competition.

    P.S.S. Even if you don't reply to this invitation, we may still visit you and tell the world about our experience with your Wings. We love meeting great people in great locations, regardless!

    Hendrik van Wyk
    Two Cowboys, +14036058343

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