Beer Cowboys

We are Taking Back our Beer

Join us on our journey as make the worlds best beer ourselves with the help of our partner - Black Rock Concentrated Brewing Wort, New Zealand.

If you know anything about beer, you know that the best beer is fresh beer. It doesn't matter what style of beer you like or where in the world you're drinking. It has to be nice, cold and fresh.

We are now distributing Black Rock Brewing ingredients in Canada. It is the best ingredients and concentrated wort available from New Zealand.

Most importantly we are helping beer lovers brew and enjoy a fresher beer at home, for your licensed premises, Brewpub, Microbrewery or at your workplace.

We are well down the path of beer liberation by making and drinking our very own fresh beer.

It means that we are no-longer donating up to 51% in taxes and excise to non-value adding parties like the local, provincial and federal government, and a further 25% in transport, packaging, branding, distribution and retailing. We've taken back our beer. We've taken control of our beverage and it saves us a huge sum of money.

To make our own beer is as simple as making a cup of tea. We do it by trying all kinds of equipment and using our Black Rock ingredients from New Zealand. Not only is it a ridiculously simple, consistent and an almost fault-proof way of making beer, it also guarantees that our beer tastes better. It is fresh, the way bread must be fresh to enjoy it at its best.

Brewing Your Beer in a Camper!

We did an experiment to see if it is possible to make craft-quality beer on the road in New Zealand, in a camper. See for your self what happened...