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Hello there! Glad you can make it.

You came to this page because you clicked on our link. Not many people get this link from us, the Traveling Cowboys.

This year, thousands of people could find and see your business online.

What they will find and see is determined by people like us.

We are compiling an online Traveling Cowboys Destination Portfolio so that business like you can get more attention.

Why You Should be Interested?

When you tell your story, it will bring more customers to your restaurant, shop, product, event or excursion. Guaranteed!

Small business and organizations find it hard sometimes to promote themselves. Most business owners are modest and also find marketing their business' products and services on the internet to be expensive and confusing. Marketing doesn't just happen automatically.

To be found online, people need to talk about you and your business - in a good way. This is where we come in. We will be talking about you and showcasing your business and products.

What we will say will be determined by what you do next.

Stand Out and Be Found

We can make your marketing and promotion a little easier this year by including you in our content about your destination. We are compiling an online destination portfolio that we will publish online and you should be in it.

We aim to show more people what is attractive about visiting you and other businesses in your area.

Our goal is to promote your destination and its great businesses. We've already successfully featured and promoted over three-hundred businesses, events and organizations in the last two years. We've done it in Canada, South Africa, U.S.A., New Zealand and elsewhere.

Here are some recent examples:

When we feature your business, we connect you with new and prospective customers. We are telling the world about you and show them who you are. Our content catapults your marketing beyond that of your competition. It makes your business and organization stand out. More potential customers will find you!

You Need To

  • Get the Word Out: The more the world knows, and see about you, the more interested people become in what you have to offer. We will be getting your word out.
  • Tell Your Story: We tell your stories through our professionally produced online content in Video, On DemandYoutube, Photography, Blogging, and Social Media.

  • Connect With More Customers: We are a positive and premium content brand with a loyal online following. Our followers will be interested in what you have to offer. 

  • Promote Yourself More: We regularly collaborate with event organizers, Chambers of Commerce, and Tourism Associations to help promote local community and businesses. Our capacity is limited, so we are selective in our relationships as we become vested in the success of our clients. The business we promote keep growing and become more successful in part because they have our promotional support.

We only do authentic content about inspirational destinations, people and businesses. Some become our friends!

"Should you be included?"

Only you can answer this question. Do you want to be more discoverable and visible online to more prospective visitors and customers? Can you do with more business?

Please let us know (this is a free call) as soon as possible. Allow us to make you famous! 

Next Steps

  • Step 1 - Confirm Interest: All you have to do is let us know you are interested in an email ( We will contact you to confirm the date and time of our visit. The early bird fee to be included is $585 (else it is $1,250). If you are ready to be included you can make your reservation here.  
  • Step 2 - Be Ready: We are bound to be your best and most loyal customer so you should impress us! We want to show others what they can expect when they visit your business. We will also do a short interview with you or your manager.
  • Optional Step - Bigger Feature: If you are keen to jump the line and book us right away for even more exposure like your own exclusive feature, you can do it here. It will be an honour to do an exclusive piece on you and your business.

Reserve Your Spot Now!

Why The Two Cowboys

We work with people that we consider "our people". These are businesses that resonate with our values and our brand. We have limited capacity so we hand-pick the business with who we work. That is why you received this invitation. We hope you can be one of them.

    Feel free to be in touch with questions and for the dates available for filming you and your business. 

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    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    P.S. Even if you don't reply to this invitation, we may still visit you and tell the world about our experience. We love meeting great people in great locations, regardless! 

    Need More Convincing?

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    I look forward to your call.

    Hendrik van Wyk
    Two Cowboys