Introduction to Scenario Based Video for Training, Support and Instruction - Once Off
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Introduction to Scenario Based Video for Training, Support and Instruction - Once Off

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We've developed a unique ability to help organizations train and educate through scenario-based video training.

It is the best way to add revenue to your business, foster better customer engagement or develop your management and staff.

Several industries use our video training. For example:

  • Training, Consulting and Service Companies: We've helped service businesses expand their offerings, by turning their knowledge into instructional products. These companies now offer it as value-added products within their service portfolios. It opened new revenue streams for their business.
  • Customer Engagement and Retention: We've helped companies improve sales and foster enhanced customer engagement by supporting them to instruct buyers and users of their products. It includes training on how best to use their goods. Helping to position their products against alternatives. Influencing buyer behaviour by offering value-added items and showcasing features by highlighting customer testimonials.
  • Compliance, Staff Training and Development: Companies have to invest in their staff. It is one of the most significant assets in any business. The best way to invest in employees is through training and development. Scenario-based video training has been proven and is considered the most cost-effective approach. In specific industries, it is also mandated by compliance regulation. Our approach ensures standardized delivery with auditable compliance, evidence and progress validation.

Every training scenario is unique, and the costs vary. We offer an initial engagement to produce one instructional video. You can use it as an example to validate your organization's approach and likely benefit from our service.

Hopefully, this is the start of something extraordinary for your organization, your staff and your customers by offering them something of value.

Why do we know it works for our customers? Give us a call and tell us more about your objectives. We can tell you about the success similar customers experienced from our work.  It is a large investment and commitment, so we prefer to have a conversation with you about it.

We travel all over the world for our customers, so don't hesitate to be in touch even if you are in Argentina, Austria or Australia.

Here is an example of one organization that has worked closely with us to re-invent their business and client engagement. It is a risk and security consulting organization called RISQ New Zealand. With our help, they've added some of New Zealand's largest agencies to their client base.

Here we are working with WilliamsWarn on using their brewing appliance. With our help, they are instructing people worldwide on how to brew their fresh beer (

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