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Two Cowboys Keg Club - Brew Kits

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A kit includes 6 cans of Black Rock Concentrated Wort - ideal for doing two brews in two 19l fermenters:

  • 4 Cans (1.7kg each) of Black Rock: Hopped Concentrated Wort with Yeast
  • 2 Cans (1.7kg each) of Black Rock: Unhopped Concentrated Wort

The kits should make around 68 litres of beer.


  1. Clean Your Gear: Clean and sanitize everything.
  2. Mix and Yeast: Mix Your Ingredients & Pitch Your Yeast in the two kegs. One can of Hopped Concentrate and a sachet of yeast per keg. Divide one can of Unhopped Concentrate 50/50 between the two kegs. Sprinkle the yeast on top with a liquid temperature of between 18C and 23C (64F - 73F).
  3. Ferment and Carbonate: For around 5-7 Days, Ferment at 18C - 23C (64F - 73F). Find a spot in the house where the temperature is consistent. After Day 3 Set Pressure Valve to release pressure at around 15-20 Psi.
  4. Cold Crash and Clarify: Put in Fridge for 3 Days to Settle and Mature
  5. Pressurize: Connect Tap and Regulator with CO2 from SodaStream.
  6. Pour and Drink: Drink your first 35l beer as soon as you can.
  7. Repeat: Use the remaining ingredients to do another batch when your kegs are empty.

Order another brew kit to do it all over again as soon as your beer kegs are empty.

Alternatively, subscribe and we will send you kit every month.

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