WilliamsWarn: Rakau Hops 100gm

WilliamsWarn: Rakau Hops 100gm

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Rakau has been developed as a dual hop with alpha acids in the 10% range but delivering “soft” bitterness with low cohumulone levels of less than 25% of the alpha levels.

So suitable as both a bittering and aromatic hop.

Bursting with a lot of the typical New Zealand fruity character, it can be used for multiple additions with late hop character delivering tropical fruit aromas of passionfruit, mango and peach.

Quite high levels of oil with an H/C ratio typical of classical aroma varieties.

An excellent hop for late hop additions where a prominent hop character is desired in beers such as Pale Ales, ESB’s, and IPA’s.

Vacuum packed for freshness.

*Please Note: Because these products are imported from New Zealand, it can take 6-12 weeks to ship in North America. We appreciate your patience. We assure you it is worth the wait!

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